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Brian Singer is a restaurant contractor in orange county and interior design consultant, Brian has grown into a highly successful restaurant consultant because he knows the food service industry inside and out. His professional staff specializes in making sure your new restaurant, or remodeled current restaurant is beautiful, code compliant, functional and ADA approved, and has the online marketing to go along with it to make is a success.

“I’m not just a contractor, I’m also a Restaurant Owner!”

Singer Design and ConstructionAs collaborators with clients in the restaurant interior design process, we help make your dream a reality. And we know that while your dreams are big, your budget may be small. We take care to design your restaurant around your pocketbook. You get a beautiful interior design, the highest quality architectural plans, access to a full range of fixtures, furniture and equipment, and total project coordination at competitive prices.

headquartered in Huntington Beach, CA. We are Southern California’s top source for the small and mid-sized restaurant industry with architects, interior designers, graphics artists and procurement professionals able to help you.

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  Brian Singer, designer and general contractor, restaurant owner, real estate investor, house flipper.

As Singer’s construction and remodeling company, Singer Construction, took on more retail and restaurant projects, he became more involved in the design process. Using his background in graphic design, film and television production and set design, it was a natural progression toward interior design.

Singer is a trusted and respected interior designer, remodeling contractor and branding expert. He is co-owner of a well known restaurant in Orange County.

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“I help restaurants, lounges, bars, fitness centers and other retail entrepreneurs gain new customers and earn higher profits”

ROI Design

By utilizing my ROI design philosophy, we help entrepreneurs.

I help create smart interior design that, one… assists our clients to save money during construction and design. Second… helping our clients define their unique brand across diverse disciplines. Third, following through to insure the brand is realized in order to garner marketplace dominance and in-turn…profits.