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KRAVE Marketing is a team of restaurant marketing experts. We’ve improved the marketing of restaurants & bars around the world. If you need a talented team of online marketing professionals, you’ve come to the right place.

Restaurant Marketing

We offer a full suite of restaurant marketing services & tools that drive more customers to your business. We take out the mystery and make restaurant marketing easy.

Restaurant Design

Our designers work with you to create the look and feel you want for your dining experience. What’s your demographic? Do you want your place to attract a young, hip crowd? Will you target the fine dining set? Families? Students? And what about price points? Do they match your location and your restaurant’s style?

Design for Functionality

The food preparation area and bar must function together seamlessly. Servers and patrons should be able to move about freely – we call this the “path of travel.” Are the bar and kitchen areas designed to minimize congestion? Is your kitchen ergonomic? Is everything where it needs to be for the kitchen crew to work efficiently?

The impression that a restaurant’s interior design creates often is the critical factor in deciding if a customer’s experience is positive or negative. In general, good dining experiences come from customers feeling “at home” or comfortable in whatever the setting is. The food also has to feel “at home” with the interior.

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